Follow Red Hen's journey as she learns to communicate and ask for help.

"I shall do it myself!"

When the Little Red Hen receives news of an unexpected visitor, she faces a series of unfortunate events that lead to her worst cooking disaster ever.


If only she'd asked for help!

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“This problem's my problem ...

                      MY problem to solve.

When a newspaper journalist announces a surprise visit to 'Red Hens Bakery', the exhausted Little Red Hen plans to impress.


But the Little Red Hen finds that she has run out of flour, and one problem leads to the next.


As the panicking Little Red Hen races back and forth past her bewildered friends, she still holds true to her mantra - 'I must do it myself!'.


That is, until disaster strikes

'Cooking Disaster!' is a hilarious story with laugh out loud illustrations. It will help you get started naturally on a great conversation about healthy communication and asking for help


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