Jack's Giant Problem

Creating conversation about how our choices impact other people

How can one little choice create so much chaos?

When Jack escapes from the giant’s castle with a magic harp, he leaves a trail of chaos behind him.

Not content, Jack heads back up the beanstalk looking for more. But will he have the good fortune to escape again?

'Jack's Giant Problem' is a great hook into a natural conversation about empathy and considering others


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Jack's Fairy Tale Journal (spoiler alert - ready the story first!)

"If only I cared..."

How often do we end up saying that too! But Rapunzel took the next step - she learned from her regret. You can read about it in her Fairytale Journal:


Jack's Thoughtfulness Suggestions

Sometimes it doesn't take much to make someone's day!

Jack wrote down some ideas to be thoughtful towards others. Can you think of more? Why don't you choose one and start this week!


The A.E.I.O.U Thinking Challenge!

Motivate yourself into moving...


Imagine if Rapunzel had rewarded herself with a calming foot soak every time she finished brushing her hair? Or what if she took 10 minutes reading her favourite book when she finished the dishes?

Rewards are brilliant to keep us moving! So work out what motivates you, and get yourself moving. You can use Rapunzel's Reward Chart, or you can make one of your own. 


DISCUSS: Questions to keep conversations going

Here are some question ideas to get you started:

  • Do you think that you are good at 'getting on with it'? Why? Why not?

  • What is your least favourite chore?

  • What do you think my least favourite chore is?

  • Has you ever regretted not 'getting on with it'? What did it cost you?

  • Is there someone who inspires you with how they 'get on with it?'

  • What is something that you can do or think when others are lazy?

  • What would you think or do if someone you knew had an unhealthy habit?

  • What would life look like if you could only ever do the boring chores?

  • What are some of the upsides for those boring tasks?

  • Are there any boring tasks you don't see upsides for?

  • Have you got any ideas for making boring tasks fun?

  • Have you got any suggestions for how I can help you 'get on with it'?



... so what happens next?


SPOILER ALERT - Do not read this section unless you've enjoyed the story first!

Rapunzel was delighted to eventually be rescued by an incredibly brave young knight, who thankfully did not mistake her for a witch! 

You can meet her hero in:

'Shoes to Shine' - our Fairytale Fraud about growing self-confidence. 

While Rapunzel left the tower in a very tidy condition, the lonely Witch could not bear to be there any longer. After a long search for Rapunzel, she shifted into a cottage in the wood. You can meet her there in:

'The Witch's Mistake' - our Fairytale Fraud about managing conflict 'The Giant's Treasure' - our Fairytale Fraud about considering others.