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Breaking News!

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King Dumpty hates change. So when Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall, he quickly orders his men to put Humpty together again...but they can't!

A fun retelling of Humpty Dumpty with ‘Behind the Scenes’ material that supports children through change.

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Nobody hates change more than King Dumpty.

Every year, the terrified king would issue a decree that life should remain EXACTLY the same in Eggsville. But Humpty Dumpty is now missing. In a desperate bid to find him, the king's men are ordered to open Eggsville's long-locked gates. The gate creaks ajar, the king waits anxiously for news, and the king's men make a mind-boggling discovery.

Will things ever be the same again?

Breaking News! is an entertaining launch into a conversation about coping with change. If you enjoy unexpected twists, playful humour, and delightful illustrations, then you'll love this book from Katie Pye's highly entertaining Fairytale Fraud collection. With lovely gentleness, the Fairytale Fraud series draws kids into conversation, while the fun material in the back keeps the conversation going. Relax into this easy way of supporting your child's social and emotional learning.

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