Congratulations on choosing a Fairytale Fraud Fundraiser.

Here you will find promotion material and well-loved content to make this an easy, no fuss, fun fundraiser.

We want to help you build mental well-being in your school community while raise funds.

Step 1: Getting started

Choose your books. Choose your approach. Choose your dates. And then let it roll!

Choose your books:

You can have up to three discounted titles for your Fairytale Fraud Fundraiser. Fairytale Fraud reserves the right to select one title for each school if short supply. Every Fairytale Fraud has 5-star rankings on Amazon. 

You can see the books here. 

Choose your approach:

  • Decide if you would like to integrate with classroom and school-wide learning

  • Choose whether you are going to run any competitions alongside to promote well-being and the fundraiser. See our competition ideas here. 

Choose your dates:

When choosing your dates, you might like to factor in units of inquiry, school events, timing of school newsletters, and school holidays.

You can see our suggested timetable here. 

Step 2: Promote!

Get the message out to the students and school community. 

Consider advertising in school newsletters, putting up posters, or even running a competition for a poster to promote it. 

Apr 27
Apr 27
Launching 2021
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Apr 27
Apr 27
Apr 27
Being Illustrated
Being Illustrated
Being Illustrated

Trip Trap Trouble

The Three Billy Goats Gruff trip trap over the bridge in search of the greenest grass. If only they knew that they were trip trapping into trouble. 

A fun retelling of The Three Billy Goats Gruff with ‘Behind the Scenes’ material that encourages children to appreciate what they have. 

Breaking News!

King Dumpty hates change. So when Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall, he quickly orders his men to put Humpty together again...but they can't!

A fun retelling of Humpty Dumpty with ‘Behind the Scenes’ material that supports children through change. 

The witch's ploy has gone horribly wrong. All she wants is a tidy tower. Now she can't even get in!

Ready for Rescue?

A fun Rapunzel retelling with ‘Behind the Scenes’ material that encourages children to get on with it! 

The Little Red Hen is in a flap. An unexpected visitor is coming to Red Hen’s Bakery and she has too much work to do. If only she could ask for help…

Recipe for Disaster

A fun retelling of The Little Red Hen with a great message about asking for help when you need it. 

'Recipe for Disaster' is due for release in December 2020

Coming in 2021

The Lost Years

Coming in 2021

  • The Lost Years - Sleeping Beauty

  • Shoes to Shine - Puss 'N Boots

  • The Wolf Strikes Again - 

  • The Mirror's Truth - Snow White

  • Cinderella's Dreams - Cinderella