Breaking News!

Follow King Dumpty's journey as he learns to face change. 

Things change ... but not if King Dumpty can help it!

When Humpty Dumpty falls off a wall, 

King Dumpty immediately orders his men

to put his son back together again. 


Only, they CAN'T!

'Breaking News' reveals the true story of Humpty Dumpty and is a great launch into conversation about thriving through change. 


MORE ABOUT Breaking News

"We wont change a thing!

 We are safe as we are!

 It's helped us

      and served us

           and saved us this far."

With change-fearing King Dumpty as their leader, the bored eggs of Eggsville drag their way through mundane days.


That is, until Humpty Dumpty falls off a wall.  


As rumours of the event spread throughout Eggsville, an anxious King Dumpty tries hard to keep Humpty's fall a secret.

     'But secret's like this are great trouble to hide,

      and soon Humpty's fall is BIG gossip outside.' 


Story Extras

Boost your conversation about 'Breaking News!' and change by:

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King Dumpty's Fairytale Journal (spoiler alert - ready the story first!)

Find out how King Dumpty helped himself cope

King Dumpty wrote down his thoughts and feelings to help him cope with change. If you are facing change, you might like to write down your thoughts and feelings too! You can use our template by clicking here or make a journal of your own. 


Make your change chart

See what you've already learnt!

You've very likely already faced lots of changes. You can learn from them! Use King Dumpty's change chart, or make one of your own, and start listing down what helped you through each change. 


Questions to keep conversations going

  • What is a change you have enjoyed?

  • What is a change you have struggled with?

  • What do you think has been the biggest change in your life?

  • What kinds of changes do you not notice?

  • What are some things you feel thankful for during a change?

  • What do you like to do when things are tricky?

  • Do you think you find change easy or hard? What makes you say that?

  • Is there someone who you think copes well with change? Why?

  • What would life look like if things never changed? Imagine together!

  • What is a change you would like to make, but haven't been able to?

  • Are there any changes coming up that you are worried about?

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