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The Fairytale Fraud stories are a tonne of fun with hilarious pictures and fabulous twists. In a non-preachy way, they cleverly let kids see that their favourite character's struggle with life, just like we all do. 


Find out for yourself:

Fairytale Fraud: Ready for Rescue?
Fairytale Fraud: Sibling Wars

Parents, teachers, librarians and children highly rate the series, describing the books as 'highly entertaining', 'something unique', 'completely awesome', 'a great resource', 'playful humour', 'unexpected twists', 'delightful pictures' and more.

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More Than A Story

Lead into important conversations...naturally. 

Fairytale Fraud: The Cooking Disaster!
  • Each fun story book naturally sparks a different conversation on a different well-being topic.

  • Each book includes an engaging 'Behind the Scenes' section, with conversation starters and activity ideas to encourage kids to keep chatting.

  • Each book has additional materials and activities on its website page. These are best viewed after reading the story as they contain spoilers.

  • Our 'Refresh your ideas!section has general parenting resources, including suggestions for making the most out of conversation with kids.


With Covid-19 lockdowns across the globe, kids are facing unprecedented change.

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On the topic of coping with change

Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall might just be the best thing that has happened to Eggsville. 

On the topic of hygiene and healthy habits

Rapunzel’s laziness is every parent’s nightmare. The long-suffering witch is at her wit's end - her tower is in disarray, Rapunzel refuses to clean up, and the girl’s hygiene is something else. 

On the topic of appreciating what we have in our current situation

Big Billy Goat Gruff and his companions set out on a quest to find the greenest grass. Trip trapping back and forth across the ravine, they forget that there is a troll living underneath the bridge ... 

On the topic of listening and learning (homeschooling)

Emperor Boxham is ALWAYS right! So when Emperor Boxham

is confronted with the fact that he is parading in his underwear, he refuses to believe the truth! Instead he launches a clothing line, opens a shop, and sends samples of his 'clothing' to the rich and famous. 

Fairytale Fraud: Ready for Rescue? Healthy habits and procrastination
Trip Trap Trouble
Fairyale Fraud: Dressed in the Best!

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Author Katie Pye loves supporting family life and wants to create 10,000 meaningful moments for parents and their kids.

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